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    How to Analyze Real Estate As A College Investment | Fridays with Fred

    Is Investing in Real Estate for College Right for Me?

    In recent week’s we’ve covered the topics “can I buy a piece of Real Estate and dedicate it to a future college account for my child?” and “how can I go about doing this?”.

    These are questions that many people in Southern California have right now because thanks to the appreciation of Real Estate since the collapse of the market in 2007-2008, Real Estate has been a very attractive investment compared to the stock market

    It’s easy to see how buying a rental property can be an excellent investment to use towards funding a child’s college education that’s why in today’s blog post we will answer the question “is investing in Real Estate for college right for me?”

    It Depends on Your Financial Situation

    Although investing in Real Estate to fund your child’s college education may seem like a great idea, the reality is that before you invest in a rental property you should first review your financial situation right now and determine if buying a rental will fit right in with your current income, assets and retirement plans.

    At Fred Sed Realty we always take a look at our client’s overall financial picture first, before they invest in a rental property just to make sure that owning a rental property right now and the financial responsibility that comes with it makes sense.

    Buying Real Estate Is A Smart Investment

    Regardless if you’re buying a rental property to fund your child’s college education, or to generate cash flow for your retirement, it’s a smart investment, especially if you put down a decent down payment, have a tenant paying your rent, and are generating a little cash flow each month.

    The reality is that rental properties will always be in demand in Southern California and across the United States since more people are renting than buying, and a rental property can be something that will help you to accomplish your long-term financial goals.

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