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    How to Find A Great Location for A Home

    Are you planning on buying a home in Southern California? If so, one of the first things that you will have to do is determine if the home is in a great location.

    Choosing a home that’s in a great location is vital because the right location will lead to your long-term enjoyment of the home and it will also help the resale value of the house as well.

    Tips for Identifying A Great Location

    As a long time, Real Estate broker in Orange County, there are a variety of things that we look for when identifying a good location for a piece of Real Estate.

    Streets and Freeway Proximity – The first thing that we look for when identifying if a home is in a great location or not is if there are any streets and freeways that are near the home that we can hear inside the house with or without dual pane windows. Identifying this is critical because of the obvious reason that no homeowner wants to live in an area where they can hear traffic from a road or highway that’s nearby.

    Type of Street – Besides identifying if the home is located near a busy street or highway, the next thing you should consider when buying a house is the type of street that the home is located on.
    Is the home located on a cul-de-sac or a through street? There is a major difference between both of these street types because one street will have more traffic during the day while the other will not.

    Single Loaded Street or Not? – Another important thing that we look at when identifying if a home is in a good location or not is if it’s located on a single loaded street.
    What does this mean? A single loaded street is a street that has homes on just one side of the street with maybe an open space or vacant lot on the opposite side of the street.
    Knowing the type of street that the home is located on is important because if the other side of the street has a vacant lot, you could find your home in the middle of a construction zone as builders work to add more homes in the coming years.

    Other Important Factors to Consider When Buying A Home

    Besides following the tips that we’ve given you in this article for identifying if a home is in a great location, some of the other important things to consider when buying a house include the following:
    Safety – Is the home located in a safe area? This can be confirmed by researching the area online to learn more about local crime statistics.
    School District – Regardless if you have children or not, you should always consider the school district when buying a home because of the obvious reason that most parents want their children to attend great school districts regardless of if home values are up or down.
    Stores – In today’s world convenience means a lot, this is why you should also consider the proximity of the home to shops and stores in the area because you want to know that the grocery store is just minutes away whenever you need to go shopping.
    Amenities – Last of all, you should also consider amenities when buying a home. Specifically, you should be looking at if any amenities are located on site (if the home is located in development) or nearby.

    Having great amenities is an important factor that will lead to your enjoyment of the home for years to

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