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    Over the last two weeks we’ve offered you tips on how to increase the value of your home by making cosmetic improvements, and which room additions you should make to your home for the purpose of increasing its value.

    In today’s blog post we’re going to offer you information on rezoning your property and how using this technique will help to increase the value of your home.

    What Does Rezoning Mean?

    Rezoning means that the owner of a property hopes to change how their property can be used.

    Here in Southern California, we have different zonings that are associated with residential homes:

    R1 – Normal zoning that’s associated with single-family homes.

    R2 – Two dwellings, typically a duplex, can be built on land that’s zoned R2.

    R3 – Three dwellings (three-plex) can be on this land.

    Why Would Rezoning Change The Value Of Your Home?

    You might be wondering how rezoning can change the value of your home, and the answer to this question is simple.

    Let’s say that you own a single-family home that’s zoned R1, and you’re in a position where the city will rezone the land to an R2. Doing this will naturally increase the value of your home.


    A buyer will look at the land that your home sits on and see that they could build a duplex or small rental property there that will generate additional income for them so this naturally makes your home more valuable than just another single-family home.

    Contact Fred Sed Realty

    Do you have questions about rezoning your property? We can help! Getting a property rezoned in California is easier than it seems and it always helps to have someone answer your questions before starting this process.

    To learn more about rezoning, or to view homes for sale in Southern California, contact Fred Sed Realty today by calling us at (800) 921-9231 or connect with us through our website.

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