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    Is The MLS Description Legally Binding ? – Fridays with Fred

    If you’re buying or selling a home in Southern California or elsewhere in the United States one thing that you’ve probably wondered is if the MLS Description of a home is legally binding.

    The answer to this question is it depends.

    Who Is Responsible for An Accurate MLS Description?

    During the process of selling a house, it’s the responsibility of the seller, listing agent broker to write an accurate description of the home before submitting that listing to the Multiple Listing Service.

    Sellers, in particular, should make sure that anything they write about the home is as clear and true as possible because an inaccurate description could jeopardize the sale of the home.

    It’s also important for sellers to remember that anything that they do not want to include with the sale of their home should be defined in the contract.

    Buyers Responsibility When Purchasing A Home

    When someone is buying a home it’s their responsibility to fully investigate the home to the best of their ability and make sure that it matches up to the MLS description.

    To make sure that they are totally comfortable with their home purchase a buyer must do the following:

    • Have the home inspected
    • Read the inspection report
    • Do a final walk-through before settlement
    • Have a Real Estate attorney view the final contract before signing

    If a buyer has any issues or concerns before signing the contract they should bring those concerns up before they sign the contract because no listing agent or seller wants to end up in court accused of misrepresentation.

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