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    Should I Buy During the Holidays? – Fridays with Fred

    Should I Buy During the Holidays?

    Are you thinking about buying a home during the holidays?

    Many buyers think that the Southern California Real Estate market goes on pause during the winter months because most people are traditionally focused on celebrating the holidays and they think this means that some sellers will be ready to sell their homes at deep discounts.

    The reality is that the time of year doesn’t matter because, if it’s a good deal, the home will sell regardless of when it’s listed.  

    You May Have to Pay Full Market Value When Buying During November-January

    Yes, a homeowner has the motivation to sell their home especially if they list it during the holidays, but one thing you have to be prepared for when buying a house in SoCal during November-January is that you may still have to pay full market value for that home.

    The Southern California Real Estate market is different than other markets in the United States, especially during the winter. Thanks to great weather, most owners won’t think twice about listing their homes and there will be plenty of buyers searching for properties especially if they are intent on buying a home while mortgage interest rates remain low.

    Don’t Be Discouraged, The Deals Are Still Out There

    Even though the Southern California Real Estate market remains active during the winter months, when compared to the rest of the country, the good news is that there are still deals out there.

    You may still be able to find a fixer-upper, foreclosure, or short sale during the winter months and there may be some sellers who are desperate to sell their homes due to job transfers etc.

    Working with A Great Broker Is the Key to Success

    Regardless if you plan on buying a home now or any other month during the year, the key to success is working with a great broker, and a team like Fred Sed Realty, who will fiercely negotiate on your behalf and ensure that you get great terms for the home you plan on buying

    To learn more about the services we can offer you contact us today by calling (800) 921-9231, connect with us on Facebook or through our website.


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