The Ultimate Checklist to sell Your Home

    One of the reasons why selling a home is a life-changing experience is because sellers often feel overwhelmed since there’s so much for them to do. Thankfully, we’ve made the process of selling your home easier by compiling this “ultimate checklist” that you can use for selling your home.

    Step #1 – Get Your Home Ready for Sale


    • Take a good look at the exterior of your home and repaint if needed, especially trim around doors and windows.home-sale-checklist
    • Inside your home, you should repaint any room that has bold colors or wallpaper with neutral colors.


    • Anything that might be broken or tattered like mini blinds or curtains.
    • All light bulbs with new, energy-efficient This will help the rooms in your home to appear brighter and they will be easier to view.
    • Non-working light switches and electrical outlets.


    • Family photos, artwork or personal knick-knacks from your home.
    • Children’s toys or personal items that anyone in your family might not need to use within the next 30 days.
    • Boxes or bulky items from your garage. These should be placed in a storage facility.


    • The outside of your home with a power washer. This should include the driveway and sidewalk.
    • Thoroughly clean the inside of your home including all surfaces and windows since you want buyers to have a clear view when they look out the windows from your home.
    • Besides, a deep cleaning you should also vacuum all carpeting and clean the floors as well.


    • Remove large bulky pieces of furniture from your home including entertainment centers, sectional couches or large chairs and replace with smaller pieces of furniture.
    • Roll up and remove area rugs from your home, especially in the kitchen or bathroom, because you want to show off the flooring in each room of your home.
    • Eliminate the clutter from your kitchen by removing stand mixers or blenders from counter tops and leave just one item, either a fruit bowl or a decorative piece of pottery, on the countertop of your kitchen.
    • Don’t forget to declutter your bathrooms by removing any toiletries that might be visible, especially in the bathtub/shower combo.

    Curb Appeal Clean Up

    • Clean up your entire property by mowing all grass, trimming back bushes and pruning trees so that they don’t block windows.
    • Plant new flowers in front of your home, especially along the walkway leading up to your front door. If your home doesn’t have a yard space you should at the very least purchase pots and plant flowers in them.
    • Add new mulch to the flower beds.
    • Remove pets from your property including dog bowls, toys, and other items that your pets might regularly use when they are outdoors.

    Step #2 – Gather the Paperwork Needed To Sell Your Home

    Once you’ve followed the tips in this article, and your home is officially ready to be sold, you should gather the following paperwork before listing your home for sale:

    • Original contract or documents for your home which prove your ownership. These documents should also include property surveys, certificates of compliance and zoning codes.
    • Mortgage or financing documents.
    • Tax records.
    • Preliminary title report – This is one of the most important documents because it will also show you if there are any liens on your property that have to be worked out before you can sell your home.
    • Appraisal documents.
    • Homeowner’s insurance records.
    • Inspection documentation
    • Receipts or any documentation which shows changes that you’ve made to your home over the years that you’ve lived there.
    • Maintenance records.
    • Manuals for appliances in your home including washers/dryers, refrigerators, and dishwashers.
    • Documentation related to your homeowner’s association including fees that you’ve paid over time.

    Step #3 – Hire a Great Real Estate Agent

    Take the time to search for an agent and hire someone that you trust. Once you hire the right agent, they will provide you with the following paperwork:

    • Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) – This is a report that will show you what your home should be priced at based on what other homes have sold for in your area recently, or may be currently listed for.
    • Seller’s Net Sheet – A document which shows an estimate of how much money you can expect to receive at closing.
    • Marketing Plan – Pay close attention to this document because it will list everything that your agent plans to do to sell your home including open houses, broker tours, and where they may list your home online.

    Sell Your Home

    To get started with selling your home, contact Fred Sed Realty today by calling us at (800) 921-9231 or connect with us online.


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