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    What Are The 3 Most Important Things When Buying a Home?

    The answer is: location, location, location, of course, but why does location matter?

    To begin: location matters when buying a home because, you can’t always move a house inexpensively or easily.

    Location is also important in Real Estate because buying a home in a great location this will be a great investment for you that will pay off for years to come, especially if the home is in a community with great amenities.

    Here are five characteristics which make up a “great location” when you are buying a home.

    School District  

    Buying a home in a great school district is important, even if your kids are grown, because, young families in the future will still be using the quality of school districts when buying homes.

    Neighborhood Safety

    Besides buying a home in a great school district, home buyers want to live in a safe neighborhood where they can walk down the street without looking over their shoulders.

    Before saying yes to buying a home make sure you research the neighborhood to see if it’s a safe neighborhood or not.


    How close is the home to local restaurants, parks, attractions or entertainment venues?

    Convenience also plays a key part in determining the value of a home’s location since most people want to have their favorite grocery stores, shops and restaurants all within the same town.


    Another important factor in determining if a home is in a valuable location is if the views which can be enjoyed from the home.

    Almost every buyer, especially luxury home buyers, will be willing to pay for a view, especially if the view from a home is of the water or downtown area.


    Last of all, another major factor in determining the value of a home’s location is if the home is near transportation hubs like major roadways, charging stations, and an airport.

    Clean transportation is important in 2015 because many buyers are concerned with lowering their carbon footprint and being more environmentally conscious. Thankfully, with numerous freeways and many upper and upper-middle class residents, Orange County is quickly building infrastructure to support these initiatives.

    For more tips on what makes a great location when buying a home, or to view the latest Orange County homes for sale, contact Fred Sed & Associates today by calling us at (949) 272-0125.

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