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    In Real Estate a typical listing is classified as an open listing because a seller will sign a listing agreement, the home will be prepared for sale, and list it on the MLS then once the home is listed it will also be viewable online via our Real Estate website and other sites like Trulia and Zillow.

    Although most sellers are aware of what to expect when they list their homes for sale, there are some sellers out there who want to sell their homes, but don’t want to list them on the MLS, and go through the typical sales cycle of one to three months, and this is where a “one party show” comes into play.

    How Does A One Party Show Work?

    A one party show, or pocket listing, as it’s also known, the Realtor® will bring a specific buyer to the home and if the buyer wants to purchase it, the homeowner will sign a one party show and agree to sell the home to that one specific buyer.

    One party shows work great especially for sellers who don’t want to deal with the prospect of multiple buyers touring their home regularly for up to three months at a time while it’s listed on the MLS and most Real Estate Agents will be eager to work with clients in one party show scenario because this gives them the ability to offer a great home to their buyers that’s not available on the MLS.

    We Help Buyers and Sellers

    Does a one party show sound like the right situation for you? Or are you a buyer who is interested in searching for off-market properties in Southern California? If so, at Fred Sed Realty we have the best solution for sellers who don’t want to enter the public MLS and we have lists of properties in SoCal that are off the market but ready to view now.

    Learn more by contacting us today at (800) 921-9231 or connect with us through our website.

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