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    One of the top questions that we’ve been asked in recent months from other Real Estate agents, buyers, and sellers is what does the future hold for Realtors?

    Will Real Estate transactions in the future be all digital, or will agents continue to have some part in the transaction?

    You Can’t Replace the Human Aspect of The Real Estate Transaction

    Even though we live in a technology savvy society where so many aspects of our lives are connected to the Internet or some form of technology, the reality is that technology cannot replace the human aspect of the Real Estate transaction.

    Technology and artificial intelligence can only go so far. It can look at databases, statistics, and put those things together to help you “find a home” online.

    When it comes to actually showing you a property though that makes the most financial, is in a good school district, safe neighborhood, or has the right sized bedrooms/bathrooms for your family. A human agent is always the best asset when it comes to helping a buyer or sell accomplish their Real Estate goals.

    Will the Real Estate Market Change in The Next 20-30 Years?

    Times are changing and there’s no doubt that technology is integrating even more into our lives on a daily basis but what does the future hold for Realtors? Will the agent’s position in Real Estate be passed out when it comes to helping people buy or sell homes?

    As of 2019 it’s unlikely that we will see the agent’s role in a Real Estate transaction change anytime soon because only an agent has the skills necessary to see beyond the pictures and video of a home online, or recent renovations, to really know if a property would be a perfect fit for their client or not.

    The same is true when it comes to selling a home. Only a Realtor® can offer suggestions for what buyers in a specific area like Irvine, CA area looking for in a home right now compared to artificial intelligence, which may recommend that you make changes or improvements to your home based on data from homes that have sold elsewhere nationwide.

    At the Fred Sed Group, we’re passionate about technology and look forward to continuing to integrate it into our Real Estate transactions so that our clients get a passionate agent serving them while having the best team to utilize technology to help them accomplish their Real Estate goals.

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