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    Why a Hot Real Estate Market Shouldn’t Detour You from Buying a Home

    So you’re thinking about buying a home in Southern California but the hot Real Estate market is holding you back because, you don’t know if you should wait for it to cool down, or buy a home right now.

    In this article we will share with you several reasons why you don’t want to wait to buy a home, and why you should take action now.

    Reason #1 – Fabulous Mortgage Interest Rates

    Yes, home prices are increasing nationwide, but mortgage interest rates are the lowest they’ve been in decades. This means that when you get pre-approved for a mortgage you will effectively spend less money for your home over time, compared to what you would have spent had you bought a home 10 years ago.

    Reason #2 – The Value of Your Investment Will Increase Fast

    The next reason you want to buy a home during a hot real estate market is the fact that the value of your investment may increase fast within days, or even weeks after you purchase it, and there really isn’t any other vehicle for wealth creation in the last five years that can match real estate.

    Reason #3 – Control Your Long Term Housing Costs

    Buying now also means that you will be able to control your long term housing costs since you will no longer be subject to rent increases year by year.

    Reason #4 – Prices May Never Be This Low Again

    Although the real estate marketis hot across the United States, we could never see home prices this low again, so it literally pays to buy now instead of waiting another year, or longer, to purchase a home.

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