Our Proven Create Your Market Strategy

    • Create Open House timelapse to use for listing presentation
    • Create landing page for sellers to visit
      • When Fred talks about pricing, he talks about FMV of the home
        • Gets their buy-in of the price they want
        • Option 1: test the market (price high)
        • Option 2: At the market
        • Option 3: Create the market (price low, typically 8-10%
          • Have an opening weekend of Open Houses
          • Review all offers Monday night
          • Tuesday: Negotiate offers
          • Wednesday: Open Escrow
        • On Average, get 80-100 people to opening weekend Open House
        • Average generating 13-20 Offers
        • Average selling homes $25k above market value
        • When you have multiple offers = all terms & conditions the seler wants
          • Seller is in control of negotiations
        • When they find out the market will bare sooner than later
        • Use Boomtown filters to show how many potential buyers on our site within their home’s criteria (make sure to search BT BEFORE going on the listing appointment)
    • List seller testimonials
    • Addresses & case studies
      • # of offers, list prices


    Create landing page on FredSedRealty.com

    • Insert Facebook contact form

    Promote landing page through Facebook ads